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Friday, November 17, 2006

Musings on Turkey Day

I am very excited about Thanksgiving. Not just because my parents and grandparents will be joining us for the meal. Not just because I love me some turkey and mashed potatoes with turkey gravy, and my special Cherry Cranberry Sauce, and pumpkin pie with real whipped cream. I do love all of those things, I won't pretend I don't (but not yams and not stuffing--those gross me out). But the part of Thanksgiving I'm currently most excited about (besides having time off work) is the probably the grocery shopping.

I spent a lovely hour on Sunday perfecting my Thanksgiving shopping list. (I love lists almost as much as I love grocery shopping for holiday meals. It's a sickness.) I even arranged my beautiful list in logical sections beginning with the part of the store where I start my shopping. But in the back of my mind I knew that I might not get to do the shopping this year because my back (sciatica) has been acting up anytime I stand up or walk for too long. And too long is evidently about 4 minutes. Being pregnant during the holiday season isn't the most fun I've ever had.

So I was sadly trying to resign myself to sending Ty to the grocery store alone...but then Ty and I came up with a wonderful idea that saved my shopping excursion! Ty is going to shop for the boring things like canned goods, and flour, and bags of potatoes. Then, after work, we're going back to the store where we will finish shopping for the more interesting things like the turkey, and Granny Smith apples for pies, and the perfect tiny dill pickles. And I won't have to be on my feet as long, so I might have a chance of coming out of my shopping trip unscathed.

Evidently, TANK loves pumpkin pie as much as his daddy does. Killer has been known to "snack" away an entire pumpkin pie in under two hours. He doesn't even bother with whipped cream...or even a fork. It just goes straight from the pie pan into his mouth. It's a little awe-inspiring, actually. Anyway, as I was saying...TANK seems to love pumpkin pie, too. My firm had a Thanksgiving lunch yesterday, at which I consumed a hearty slice of Ty's award-winning pumpkin pie, and TANK spent the afternoon doing the Happy Dance.

What worries me about TANK's Happy Dance, is that at one point, he was punching me to the beat of a John Cougar Mellencamp song! I'm afraid my baby might have inherited his daddy's taste in music! Now, Killer comes by it naturally, having graduated from high school in the 80s. But it's just not okay for TANK to choose Mellencamp of his own volition. Two things did comfort me through this horrible discovery: The Mellencamp song TANK was bopping along to was one that sounds like it could be a Springsteen song. I can get onboard with raising a Springsteen fan--that's much less embarrassing. I'm going to choose to believe that the sounds were muffled by all the amniotic fluid, and TANK just made a simple mistake and confused "It's a Lonely Old Night" for a Springsteen tune.

The other thing that gives me hope for TANK's future musical taste is that he got pretty wound up when The Beatles' "Come Together" came on. Any kid who grooves to The Beatles is a kid I'm proud to claim.

It looks like I'm going to need to spend some time making a list of good lullabyes to help insure that my boy goes down a Mommy-approved musical path. Later today, I'll try to post my Top 8 Lullabyes for the Advancement of TANK's Musical Taste. If I don't get around to it today, then I suppose I'll have a ready-made topic the next time I feel like posting a Top 8 list.