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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bennett's Story Corner

This evening while I was making dinner, Steve brought a freshly de-grimed Bennett downstairs and put him in his play pen. Then he put the giant stuffed monkey and the large-ish teddy bear in a corner of the pen and told Bennett that they wanted him to read them a story.

So when Steve called me over, I found my adorable little boy sitting on the floor in front of the monkey and the bear with his book in his lap happily turning pages and reading his version of Ten Little Duckies to his fuzzy buddies. The basic premise of the story seemed to be "duck duck duck quack quack quack."

He must have been enjoying himself, because he kept it up for quite a while, and even went and got another book when he finished reading them the first one.

Of all the times for our camera's memory stick to be full!!! Sorry, no pictures or video, but trust me, it was stinkin' cute.