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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Name Game

Remember how I mentioned that (because of certain hyper-critical, passive-aggressive people in our lives) we aren't going to tell people our baby's name until the ink is dry on the birth certificate?

Remember how I remarked upon the sheer number of people who began asking what we were naming the baby as soon as we found out we're having a boy?

Remember how I said I was going to come up with some completely heinous (bogus) name to tell the nosy, pushy people who were just dying to know the name we've picked?

Presenting our bogus baby name:

Tiberius Aristotle Narcissus Kortan. (T.A.N.K. for short.)

I figure that after THAT, anything we actually do decide to put on the birth certificate will be a source of joyous relief.

Now...if I can just keep a straight face when I tell people.

(Feel free to offer other suggestions for heinous baby boy names--just avoid initial combinations that would be banned everywhere but HBO.)