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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Homeward Bound

I know it's been approximately forever since I've posted anything. And twice that long since I posted anything that wasn't pregnancy- or Bennett-related. Well, here's something non-baby, but it's not exactly a return to the scintilating, mentally stimulating posts of yore. (I like to pretend that I once posted scintilating, mentally stimulating things. Don't remind me that it was mostly Top 8 Lists of hippie bands and black and white movies.)

We're coming soon to a city near (some of) you! Not permanently (yet...cross your fingers and pray hard for Steve to find a job in the 503), but for the longest visit I've made since I began my exile to Idaho. I'm so excited that I can't sleep, which is why I'm posting at nearly 2 am. (Can't blame Bennett for this one, he's been asleep for hours, and I don't expect him to wake me up till after 10 tomorrow morning. Seriously, this kid is a champion sleeper. God bless him!)

We're going to be in town from this Friday (the 15th) till at least Sunday, July 9. We're having a retirement party for Dad on the 16th, and there's Father's Day to celebrate the next day, so our only scheduled socializing that weekend is a planned stop at the lovely and charming Lindsay Hoffman's Quit Your Library Job Party at Laurelhurst. Maybe we'll see some of you there? Our awesome friends, Rush and Alisha, will be with us June 19-22, so we're pretty much booked those days. And we'll be out at camp the last week of June, so if you wanna see us then, you'll have to come out to camp. Otherwise, we'll be around. The first week of July is earmarked for seeing our friends and showing off the adorable new addition to the family. Steve (aka Killer) is only going to be in town for one non-camp Sunday (July 1st, I'm guessing--no calendar nearby to check the exact date), and he's voted for worshipping at Renovatus that day. So hopefully we'll get to see a lot of you there--and I can prove to you doubters that my husband is not fictional.

We're hoping that Steve will have the opportunity to go to some interviews while we're in town. Please pray about that--mostly that good positions that he's qualified for will open up. If he gets a job in Portland, we get to move to Portland...see where I'm going with this? We also really, really need prayers for our house to sell. It's been on the market over a week and no one seems to have noticed. We're going to be lucky to break even as it is, and if it doesn't sell by August...well, we're basically screwed. I'm trying really hard to just relax and trust God to take care of it, but I can't help but worry some times. I would really appreciate it if you would lift up our future to God in prayer.

I'm reall looking forward to seeing you Portcouver types--if you want my number, leave your email address in the comments section. Tell me if you want me to delete the comment when I'm done with it, and I will get rid of it so it's not floating out there in the blogosphere in perpetuity.