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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Doppelgangers: Willey and Woolery

Several weeks ago, a few of us engaged in a lively discussion regarding Jackson Montgomery, the character played by Walt Willey on All My Children.

A few days later, I was watching some dumb show, probably Entertainment Tonight, and there was the subject of our recent discussion: Jack/Walt! Except, the lablel under the man talking into the microphone clearly read "Chuck Woolery." I did a triple-take, then realized that the producer of the dumb show was probably right. Either that, or one guy with a lot of energy was fooling his adoring public by dealing with Erica Kane and facilitating Love Connections all at the same time.

(Sorry these aren't the best photos: the resemblance is clearer when they are in motion, and all the photos of Chuck that looked the most like Walt were thumbnail-sized.)

P.S. While looking for photos, I discovered a couple of semi-interesting tidbits about our doppelgangers. Walt and his wife run a bed and breakfast in the Southwest (Arizona, I think). And Chuck Woolery is evidently a Bass Master.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I Was Going to Blog...

...But then TANK got the hiccups for the first (noticable) time, and I'm far too amused by the whole thing to actually sit here and think of something to write.

As for the hiccups thing, it's pretty hilarious. My tummy (up near my rib cage, near the center) seems to have it's own (slow) heartbeat because the hiccups are pretty rythymic. And they kind of tickle. But TANK doesn't seem to like them, so on top of having the sensation of a croaking bullfrog throat in my torso, he's also putting up an admirable fight. So it's all: thump-thump, pummel, thump-thump, punch, kick, thump-thump. And you can see a good share of the action if you watch my tummy. It's either adorable or freaky. (Freaky if you've see Alien.)

I kind of hope it keeps up for a while, because it's far more entertaining than work.

Speaking of entertainment, my parents enjoy telling me about the time that I got really bad hiccups in church a little while before I was born. Evidently, my antics were so hilarious that they had to leave the auditorium because Dad was in danger of disrupting the sermon with his uncontrollable laughing at Mom's jumping belly. See, I was a troublemaker even before I was born!