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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's Finally Christmas Time!

Yes, my friends, I'm finally getting around to posting some Christmas photos. And only two and a half months after the fact, too. I'm sure you're impressed with my alacrity. (And with the fact that I just used "alacrity" in a sentence.)

We had a really great holiday with my parents and grandparents. As usual, everyone was too generous with the presents and very helpful making the Christmas feast. We had turkey and ham this year, since my Grammie loves ham but the rest of us love a good turkey dinner. I wish I had taken a picture of the table with all the food and my Christmas china and all the pretty yumminess. Guess I'll have to do that next year.

I wish I'd thought to turn the lights on before taking this picture, they were really pretty--all colorful and cheery, especially the old-school bubble lights. We also had a fake tree in the Man Room (which is painted red--the room, not the tree). That one had white lights and red and gold ornaments. Very pretty, but not as sentimental as this one.

My mom made this wreath a few years ago, and I thought I'd brag on her behalf. She's so talented and crafty. Too bad those genes didn't head my way!

Here's Bennett digging into his stocking with a little assist from his mommy. He had fun grabbing stuff out of it once he realized he could.

Here's a close up of his stocking. I did all of the embroidery myself--it took me almost 8 weeks, several hours a day. I'm really proud of how it turned out because I am NOT a crafty person and it was a lot of work. Please feel free to tell me how fabulous it is--I need the validation.

Here's Bennett all decked out in his Christmas finery. The shoes (miniature versions of Daddy's) didn't last long.

Here's Bennett playing with the toy piano Uncle Ty gave him. Uncle Ty didn't realize that the tradition of aunts and uncles giving noisy toys as gifts only works if said aunt or uncle gets to leave after the kid gets the toy. Living in the same house as the kid with the toy is sort of like shooting yourself in the foot. Or in this case, the ear.

By the way, is that not the cutest little baby hat you have ever seen? Both of my grandfathers wore that kind of hat, so I just had to get one for Bennett. I wish I had a better photo so you could see how adorable he looks in it.

Here he is opening his present from Great Grammie and Great Grandpa. As usual, he's more interested in the book than anything else. The kid is doomed to be a bookworm.

Here he's having a grand old time driving (crashing) the little Poohmobile he got from my parents. He still enjoys crashing it into everything, including the slower, dumber cat.

As the festivities wound down, Bennett and Daddy took a moment to admire the new ornaments. Bennett liked Daddy's red airplane the best because it wiggled everytime someone walked past the tree.

I'm sorry it took me so long to get around to posting this. A lot has been happening in the last few weeks and blogging hasn't been my top priority. I'll try to find some time soon to catch you all up on new developments and also to post pictures from Bennett's first birthday.