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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How I Spent My Birthday

My 34th birthday was three weeks ago. I'm sure you're wondering about the exciting way I chose to spend my big day.

Well, before I tell you, I have to give you a teensy bit of background info...

When we were kids, my mom used to tell Ty that if he was naughty then she'd take him fabric shopping for punishment. She only had to make good on that threat once, then all it took was the word "fabric" to straighten the kid up.

So, for my birthday, I went fabric shopping with my parents. Well, technically it was more button and thread shopping, but you get the idea.

Most exciting birthday ever! (Except not.)

I'm still waiting for my birthday cake, too. Not that I'm bitter. (Actually, I am kinda bitter. Keeping my pastry confections away from me is guaranteed to make me bitter.)