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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Finally, My 100th Post

It's my 100th post, and I feel like I should make it good. Memorable, inspiring, perhaps shocking. But then I feel like I'm putting too much pressure on myself, so I figure I'll just settle for getting some words on the page.

I had a Crohn's Disease flare-up last night. It was great! ยก Ever had food poisoning? Yeah, it's like that. But worse. I never want to see food again...especially grapes. Yes, the innocent-looking green orbs left me writhing in abject misery for about 16 hours. You might not realize this, but it's really hard to nurse a baby when you're doubled over with stomach cramps. And Bennett didn't like it much when his dinner got cut short because Mommy had to yak. Yeah, I pretty much hate my digestive system right now. (And grapes. I really hate grapes.)

Okay, enough about my intestinal distress. I just needed a few more people to whine to.

It's been a big month for Bennett. His Grammie and Granddad were here for a couple of weeks, so he had lots of fun with them. He also got to charm the 70 or so people at his daddy's retirement ceremony--the captain had to hold him while I put a "US Air Force Retired" pin on Steve, and Bennett chose that moment to give the whole room the cheesiest grin ever grinned. He brought the house down. What a little character! He's been busy with other stuff, too. He started eating "solid" food a couple of weeks ago. He really digs the Beechnut butternut squash and sweet potatoes, but he's not so big on the Gerber brand of squash. (But we keep feeding him the squash because the faces he makes when he's eating it are hilarious.) He discovered the joys of splashing in the tub a few days ago, which means he had his first bath in the big boy tub tonight--it was a disaster scene in the kitchen after his last bath. He loved the big tub...but he kept trying to crawl (which he hasn't figured out yet) to get to the toys. Yeah, his attempts at crawling always end in a face-plant, which isn't good in a tub of water. Needless to say there was a lot of laughter and a lot of good saves.

He also got his pictures taken at the studio last week--there were only a couple of shots that weren't completely adorable. And since I'm an indecisive sucker (and I had a coupon), I bought a LOT of pictures. I wish I could post them here, but I think that would be copyright infringement. Speaking of which, I really need to download all the pics we have on our camera. I think the last photos I posted were from a good two months ago. He's grown a lot since then. He weighs almost 20 pounds now, and he's 26.5 inches tall. I think he's the healthiest, sweetest, cutest, smartest, strongest, best baby ever. But I might be a tiny bit biased.