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Friday, August 24, 2007

My Dad the Prankster, Part 2

Judging by the underwhelming response to the first one, I have a feeling these "Prankster" posts aren't going to be very popular. But that's just tough. I've already typed a bunch of them and you're going to read them, you hear? You're going to read them AND you're going to like them. And you're going to comment and tell me you like them because I'm going to be sad if you ignore me. You don't want to make me sad, do you?

Okay, here's the next bit of monkey business Dad pulled in school...

One day, Dad and his buddies were loitering around their dorm when they noticed that the new couch in the alcove was precisely the same length as the distance between the Dorm Supervisor's room and the wall opposite it.

Obviously, a bunch of college guys couldn't let this discovery go to waste. Especially when the Dorm Supervisor was a generally nice, but easily flustered and remarkably uptight sort.

So somebody procured a big 'ol industrial vacuum cleaner--the kind that's loud enough to wake the dead. And somebody else figured out how to bypass the On/Off switch so you couldn't turn it off without unplugging it.

And then they waited.

At about 2 in the morning, somebody shoved the vacuum into the Dorm Supervisor's room, and a couple more of them wedged the couch between the door and the wall. Then they plugged the vacuum into the outlet down the hall and went to bed.

I'm hoping they moved the couch in time for him to get to the class he was teaching later that week.