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Friday, September 07, 2007

My Dad the Prankster, Part 4

When Dad was going to Columbia Christian College, they didn't have men's dorms, per se. The guys all slept in what are now the classrooms in the second story of the Ad Building/Sanders Hall. (They had to shower in the gym locker rooms, it must have been a huge hassle.) There were 10-12 guys in each room, so there were plenty of opportunities for roommates to annoy each other.

One of their roommates kept later hours than the rest of them, I think he worked security, or maybe he was just a night owl. Anyway, he was in the habit of coming back to the room long after all the other guys were asleep and he thought nothing of flipping on the bright overhead lights and banging stuff around while he got ready for bed. Eventually, the guys decided they'd had enough.

They found the breaker for their room and flipped it when they went to bed. When "Alf" came back to the room that night, the guys all pretended to be asleep when they heard him trying in vain to turn on the lights. They all heard him drop his keys on his nightstand. And they all heard him scramble to catch himself when he tried to sit down on the bed that wasn't there. All he heard was a sudden burst of "snoring" that sounded suspiciously like muffled laughter.

A few hours later, he finally found his bed in the Ladies Room downstairs.