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Friday, January 26, 2007

Bennett Alexander Stevenson Kortan

Bennett Alexander Stevenson Kortan was born at 10:30 pm, Thursday, January 25th, 2007. Gina and baby appear to be healthy, and Gina pulled through . . . without any pain killer . . . for 9 hours. It looks like all they want to do is sleep, but she was feeling too energised when we left, so, we'll see.

Steve is sleeping now, but I suspect that grammie is too excited to sleep just yet.

Mom and Gina and I all send our love, and I'm trying to send emails with pics to dad, but my email won't accept such large packages, so I'll have to improvise.

Monday, January 22, 2007

T-Minus 3 Days and Counting

After going to the doctor's office or hospital 4 times in the last 6 days, it has been determined that due to my mild case of pre-eclampsia and the evidently whopping size of TANK (rapidly approaching 9 pounds according to today's ultrasound--YIKES!), I'm going to have this kid no later than Thursday. It's kind of strange, since I still feel fine and I'm not even waddling around like I'm about to pop. You'd think I'd be sick of being pregnant by now, but during the times I'm not trying to haul myself off the super-cushy couch or out of bed, I generally forget that I'm roughly the size of an office building. I think most people who see me feel a lot sorrier for me than I feel for myself--that NEVER happens with me, I'm usually my own best sympathizer!

Anyway, if I don't go into labor before 7 am on Thurday, January 25, then they're going to induce me. I'm not thrilled, because when they induce with intravenous Pitocin you have to be hooked to monitors and IVs for the entire labor. I'm fidgety by nature, especially when I'm uncomfortable or in pain, so it's going to be frustrating and difficult for me to be stuck in a bed when I'd rather be squirrelling around finding a more comfortable position. (HA! As if there is a comfortable position!)

So here's the plan: everybody pray really hard that I go into labor on my own sometime today or tomorrow...Wednesday at the latest. I really, really, really want to avoid the whole IVs and constant monitoring thing! So please pray your hardest that TANK will have a mind of his own and thumb his nose at the scheduled induction.

P.S. I know I promised pregnant Gina pictures a long time ago. I took some at Thanksgiving that I've been meaning to post, but my IT guy has been out of town. I'll try to take some more tonight and get them posted before TANK arrives. It kind of depends on how busy I keep Uncle Ty with other chores...