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Friday, July 14, 2006

It Must Be The Accent: Top 8 Hot English Gents

With all this talk about Christian Bale (born in Wales, raised in England--so he's on another list) and Alan Rickman in the blogmunity this week, I thought it was time to post my list of yummy English actors. It's true, I'm a sucker for an accent. And they all seem so wittily intelligent and smoldering with all that repressed passion. Thankfully none of them seem to be plagued with those notorious English teeth.

Yes, I am a silly girl. But Killer doesn't need to worry...I'm just admiring them from a distance.

1.) Colin Firth

2.) Damian Lewis

3.) Clive Owen

4.) Sean Bean

5.) Ralph Fiennes

6.) Anthony Stewart Head

7.) Daniel Craig

8.) Alan Rickman (just for you, Arwen)

Extra points to the first person who notices the glaring omission from this English Heartthrobs list.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm Starting Suspect Something

I've noticed a trend, and I'm trying to decide if I'm going to take it personally.

Every single time I leave a place (a town, a job, a college), they make a significant improvement that I'm not around to enjoy. Think I'm exaggerating? Consider this:

  • The year after I graduated from Columbia Christian High School, they got new lockers and new carpet. This was a big deal, since the old carpet and lockers dated back to the years when Dad taught there (i.e. the 1970s).
  • The year after I left York College, they built a new Student Center and a new Science Building (not that I would have ever voluntarily darkened the door of the Science Building).
  • The year after I graduated from Cascade College, they built a new dorm and expanded, remodeled and redecorated the Student Center. The SC went from "dive" to "actually worth entering" as soon as I was gone.
  • The year after I left my unbelievably crappy job at the mortgage company in Oklahoma City, they moved to a new building (closer to where I'd lived), AND got better benefits, more vacation time, and across the board raises.
  • Within a year (or so) after I left the Portland area, they built a Krispy Kreme a mile from my old condo, finished the MAX line from Gateway to the airport, and my old congregation built a new auditorium .
  • I just found out that a few months after I leave Boise, they're building a Cheesecake Factory by the mall, and an Old Spaghetti Factory one block from my office.

What the heck?!?!? Why do they gotta wait till I leave to do something nice? I think I'm going to take it as a personal affront. Wouldn't you?