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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Really Didn't Want to Hear That!

I found out at my doctor's appointment this morning that I have a couple of symptoms of pre-eclampsia. That means I get to spend all day tomorrow and a good share of Thursday doing tests and being monitored and fun stuff like that. I would really appreciate your prayers for peace/calm, patience, rational thinking, and faith. And, you know, for the symptoms to go away and never come back!

Since I'm so far along, TANK's development isn't a concern. He's ready to enter the world whenever the doctors and God decide he should. That makes it a lot easier for me to handle the whole thing, since there's every indication he should be a healthy little guy and I don't need to worry about him too much. But if I do have pre-eclampsia, chances are I'm looking at bedrest or induction (forcing labor to start before it would naturally, for those of you who have never been knocked up). Neither of those options are particularly appealing--bedrest sounds great (at first) to a lazy couch potato like me, but even I get restless after a while. And induction makes labor much more painful, longer, and more likely to need other interventions like epidurals and C-sections, both of which I'd REALLY like to avoid. I mean, I can be tough when the situation calls for it, but I don't want to have to be any tougher than is absolutely necessary! =P

Please pray for me and Steve and TANK and the rest of the family over the next few days...mostly that we won't worry too much, and that whatever happens, we all come out of this as healthy and unscathed as possible.

Thanks, Blog Friends! You rock!