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Friday, August 31, 2007

My Dad the Prankster, Part 3

Things haven't really changed that much since Dad was in college. Packages from home were highly prized back in the day, especially when baked goods were involved. And people were rude mooches back then, too. Imagine that!

One day, my dad decided he had finally had enough of the jerks across the hall helping themselves to most of the cookies his mom sent him, and he decided to teach them a lesson...

A trip to the grocery store and an afternoon of cookie baking in the kitchen of some family friends yielded the perfect instructional materials: delicious Chocolate (Ex-Lax) Chip Cookies. All that was left to do was leave the "treats from home" on his desk and go about his day.

Let's just say the greedy mooches learned their lesson the hard way. Unfortunately, so did Dad's girlfriend's roommates. Oops!

Part 3.5

Speaking of the punks from across the hall...their wanderings later led them to the easily flustered Dorm Supervisor's room when he wasn't around. A couple of guys (Dad claims innocence on this one) they'd annoyed one too many times noticed their trespassing and once again, that conveniently-sized couch came in handy. They trapped the guys in his room and left them there. When the Dorm Supervisor came back to his room, he was bewildered and peeved to discover all of his bed linens tied together and draped out the second story window.